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Coating & Laminating Binder

Use Cellbond for Laminating, Binding, Stiffness, Ink receptivity, excellent printing gloss


Cellbond is used in Pulp & Paper Industry as it exhibits excellent characteristics,

  • Paper to paper binder / adhesive
  • Helps in improving stiffness & increasing ink receptivity
  • High printing gloss & less mottling tendency
  • An excellent carrier for optical brightening agent & pigments
  • Better control of viscosity / rheology
  • Excellent film forming properties also control water retention

Product Handling

Paste preparation of CellBond

Paste of CellBond should be made by homogeneous dispersing in fresh cold water by means of batch or continuous cooking.

Batch Cooking

Raise the temperature of the dispersion either be injecting live steam or utilizing jacketed reactor and continue heating till the temperature of the dispersion achieves 93-95 C. Hold the dispersion at this temperature future 15 minutes min. A smooth, clear paste forms which can be diluted to a desire solid content.

Continuous Cooking

A jet cooker can be utilized to achieve approx. 120 deg C and desired solid content can be obtained by diluting in-line.
The paste can made smoothly and homogeneously up to 45% solids. However, pastes with 25% solid are most preferred.


CellBond paste can be stored for a sufficient period without adding any preservative from outside. However it is desirable to clean regularly preparation tanks, storage tanks, piping and others auxiliary which is in contact of the paste in order to avoid spoilage of the solution.

Storage and Packaging of CellBond 522

It is recommended to store the bags of product in dry and cool place. The product is stable if stored up to 12 months and will not lose its excellent performance.
Product is packed in 25 kg. HDPE bags having inside double liner to prevent spoilage due to mould growth on the product during high humidity and high temperature environment.