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Pulp & Paper Speciality Chemicals
Textile Printing Chemicals & Auxiliaries
Botanical & Natural Extracts
Pulp & Paper Speciality Chemicals
Textile Printing Chemicals & Auxiliaries

Textile Printing Chemicals & Auxiliaries

A new age Grafted Bio Polymer for the Textile Industry.

Goodrich Agrochem Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of "QUALITY TEXTILE PRINTING CHEMICALS & AUXILIARIES" based on derivatives of Guar gum, Tamarind Kernal Powder and blend products in different combination of polysaccharides in varied Textile Printing applications.

Goodrich printing thickeners are suitable for Polyester, Cotton, Silk, Nylon and other Natural as well as Synthetic fabrics.

Botanical & Natural Extracts

Goodrich Naturals

Nature is like an anele for us as it provides immense treasure in the form of roots, flowers, stems, herbs which are used widely in the formulation of skin care products since centuries.

If your requirement is natural based beauty products free from chemicals & preservative, no petroleum based oil & surfactant and no side effects then Goodrich Naturals is the best choice.

All our products have been developed at our state of the art research centre. All the ingredients are using by us obtained from nature. These entire products do not have any side effects and shows excellent results.

Our products are designed to make you look and feel fabulously natural and beautiful...

Goodrich Naturals Products
  • 100% Natural Liquid Soap.
  • Natural Hair Oil for Dandruff.
  • Natural Body Massage Oil.
  • Natural & skin friendly Baby Massage Oil.
  • Natural Foot Oil to heel cracks.

We are capable of manufacturing need based (Customized / Tailor-made) Bio Polymers products.